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Urfi Javed recordsdata criticism in opposition to BJP Chief Chitra Wagh at Maharashtra State Fee for Ladies

Urfi Javed and BJP chief Chitra Wagh’s feud has taken a brand new flip after Urfi getting summoned to the Amboli Police Station and questioned for 2 lengthy hours, the actress determined to take motion in opposition to the BJP Chief. Urfi has now filed a criticism in opposition to Chitra Wagh at Maharashtra State Fee for Ladies.
The pinnacle of the fee Rupali Chakankar shared the copy of the criticism and wrote, “महाराष्ट्र राज्य महिला आयोगास उर्फी जावेद यांचा तक्रार अर्ज प्राप्त झाला आहे. यामध्ये अर्जदार असे नमूद करतात की,”मी सिनेसृष्टीशी संबंधित असलेल्या फॅशन इंडस्ट्रीमध्ये काम करत आहे , माझं राहणीमान आणि दिसणं व्यावसायिक दृष्ट्या आवश्यक आहे , असे असतानाही त्याबाबत नाहक तक्रारी1/2” (Maharashtra State Fee for Ladies has obtained the criticism software of Urfi Javed. On this the applicant states that “I’m working within the vogue business associated to cinema, my residing situations and look are professionally essential, however there aren’t any complaints about it1/2)

She additional shared what was majorly talked about within the criticism in opposition to BJP Chief Chitra Kishore Wagh, she wrote, “करून श्रीमती चित्रा किशोर वाघ यांनी केवळ स्वतःच्या राजकीय फायद्याकरिता किंवा वैयक्तिक प्रसिद्धीकरिता मला मारहाण करण्याच्या धमक्या प्रसारमाध्यमावरून जाहीरपणे दिल्या आहेत , सबब माझ्यावर हल्ला होऊ शकतो. त्यामुळे मला असुरक्षित वातावरण निर्माण होऊन मला मुक्तपणे वावरता येत नाही म्हणून मला सुरक्षा व्यवस्था पुरविण्यात यावी. मुक्त संचाराचा हक्क घटनेने प्रत्येक भारतीयाला दिला आहे , महाराष्ट्राची राजधानी असलेल्या मुंबईसारख्या शहरात असुरक्षित वाटणे ही गंभीर बाब आहे. त्यामुळे मुंबई पोलीस आयुक्तांनी यावर तात्काळ कारवाई करावी व केलेल्या कार्यवाहीबाबतचा” (Mrs. Chitra Kishore Wagh has publicly threatened me by the media to assault me just for her personal political acquire or private publicity, on the pretext that I could also be attacked. It creates an unsafe atmosphere for me and I can’t transfer freely, So I ought to be supplied safety.” The proper of free motion is given to each Indian by the structure, feeling unsafe in a metropolis like Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is a severe matter. Due to this fact, the Mumbai Police Commissioner ought to take rapid motion on this. The report ought to be submitted to the State Fee for Ladies.)

Urfi Javed then took to her Twitter deal with and thanked Rupali for accepting the criticism and serving to her out with the authorized feud. She wrote, “Can’t thank sufficient to @ChakankarSpeaks @Maha_MahilaAyog for standing up for what’s proper. No political social gathering has the appropriate to resort to violence and publicly threaten to hit anybody. Nobody can take the regulation into their arms.”

Urfi was earlier questioned for 2 hours on the Police Station after Chitra Wagh’s criticism. A supply had revealed that the actress did not rent a lawyer when she was summoned. The criticism was made in opposition to her for carrying objectionable garments and indulging in nudity publicly on the streets of Mumbai.

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